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Ganesha Yoga Shala is a a nice little sanctuary in the South of Phuket Thailand, where it is easy to focus on your yoga practice and close off your mind from daily chores and worries. The building is located in in a quiet residential lane in Rawai. It was purpose built in 2006 for small classes (10 to 15 people maximum,) where everyone is welcome to practise, from beginners to seasoned yogi's.

Easy to find, just follow the pink signs from the main road, into the shala. (Click here for Location & Map )



The shala will be closed from Saturday, September 6th (last class is 5:30pm on Friday September 5th) until Saturday October 11th, (first class back will be Sunday, October 12th at 9am) Julie will be in Mysore, India studying herself at this time. Keep practicing everyone!

About Yoga

In the Ganesha Yoga Shala we use the Ashtanga Yoga sequence: “a moving meditation resulting in clarity and calmn ess. It maximizes body tone, detoxifies and increases all-round health, flexibility, strength and bal ance”. Read more about Ashtanga Yoga:

Opening chant
 Opening Chant


Check the picture galleries of several motivating yoga workshops that took place in the Shala: Janet Allen (March 2009), Jonathan Cagas (October 2008), Jonas Radahl (April 2008), and Jeff & Harmony Lichty (March 2007).

New workshops in preparation. 

Opening chant
Back bend

Doors to the Shala
Doors to the Shala

After practice
After practice